Welcome to the Chest Pain Application by Regenstrief Institute

The Chest Pain App displays selected data relevant to a chief complaint from an electronic health record and other systems.

The Chest Pain App is an innovative new way to display patient data related to a particular chief complaint in electronic health records (EHR). In the example here, the App retrieves data relevant to the chief complaint of chest pain. The data can come from the patient's in-house medical records or from an outside source, such as a health information exchange.

In Indianapolis, the App is implemented in the emergency room at the Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. There, the physician can use the App to see the five most important data elements from the local health information exchange for patients with chest pain. This is a great time saver for physicians since the App saves about 3-4 minutes and 50 mouse clicks compared to the traditional way of retrieving that information. We have presented preliminary findings about this App in the paper Preliminary evaluation of the Chest Pain Dashbord, a FHIR-based approach for integrating health information exchange information directly into the clinical workflow. The App is configurable to present any complaint and any data element.